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Commercial/Residential: Decorate With Luxurious Contemporary Mandala Designs
Archival Wall Art/Poster Prints-Canvas, Metal, Acrylic & Wood Prints-Home Decor & Apparel

Art of the Circle

Art of the Circle

When I was 17, my grandmother surprised me one morning by mentioning that I had artistic talent. It didn't really click with me at the time, even though I enjoyed art class in high school. It wasn't until about 10 years later, after my time in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, that I discovered my passion for photography.

Unfortunately, my grandmother had passed away while I was in the Navy, so she never saw my dream taking shape. I pursued a commercial photography career in Ohio until the recession of 1980 hit. I then returned to New York City, where I had studied photography and worked in the graphic arts industry.

Life took its course, and I got married and spent some time overseas. Upon my return I owned a trucking business until retirement.

That's when I discovered the captivating world of Mandala art. While I admire traditional Buddhist Mandala traditions, my work is influenced by Greek, Roman, and Renaissance art. Decoration, symmetry, the Golden Ratio, eclectic forms, abstract shapes, and vibrant colors define my creations.

If you're interested in personalized prints ( at a modest cost ) with a name (s), quotes, or specific occasions, feel free to reach out to me via email at My work is created digitally using vector design software, ensuring sharpness at all sizes. The advantage of digital art is its flexibility to adjust designs and colors to suit any commercial or residential setting...Great news for decorators helping their clients match art to a new or existing environment.

Hello, all interior designer/decorators!

Ultimately, I hope my artwork is inspiring enough for you to consider purchasing it as wall art or apparel.

Oh, Kuklos is the Greek word for 'circle'

RAB ( Initials of the artist )







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